mary-lou (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 19:54:15 +2910

Hello all
I'm planning to travel overseas in October, I wanted to attend the Dance
TEchnology and Education conference in South Carolina. Does anyone know
if it is still running? I keep getting different messages, and things
like "we will know in three weeks", two months ago! Since I am booking
my airfares soon, and Winthrop University, South Carolina is out of the
way, in terms of a world trip... it is important for me to know ASAP.
I'm also planning to go to New York, San Francisco, London, Dublin,
Italy and France... I would love to see some of the exciting work you
have all done, on this list, and even meet you. It is very fustrating to
read about the many workshops, performances and conferences that seem to
happen in that part of the world!
>From Australia
Mary-Lou Michael
Dance - Technology enthusiast.

**Some may be interested to know in South Australia we have recently
adapted the Dance Syllabus (University Entrance course), to include new