Announcement: Worst Case Scenario

Jeff Miller (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 08:49:31 -0400

For those who are interested, this is the project Doug Rosenberg, Jeff
Miller, and AJ Niehaus are working on this week. Wish us luck! (lots
of "active stage" on this one, and a video/slide montage performance by
Jeff, too).

Goldhuber & Latsky with Lesley Dill present

Worst Case Scenario

Heidi Latsky and Lawrence Goldhuber push their partnership to a new
level with this forboding one-act punch focused on hate. Created in
collaboration with visual artist Lesley Dill, whose haunting photographs
and surreal costumes take the work to depths better left undisturbed.

"imaginative solo and partner works that leave the audience chuckling or
holding their breath to see if the two hurt each other"-- Dance Magazine

Lighting Design: Robert Wierzel
Production Design: Douglas Rosenberg
Video/Production Assistants: Jeffrey Gray Miller, AJ Niehaus

Concieve and directed by Goldhuber & Latsky with Lesley Dill. Including
music by Joe Jackson and John Oswald.

APRIL 22-25 at 8:30pm
Tickets $15
Added shows Friday at 10:30pm and Sunday at 4pm
PS122--Second Floor performance space
150 First Ave, NY, NY, 10009