Re: observations 2.2

Jeff Miller (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 21:37:35 -0500

Richard Lord wrote:>If you "roll your own" from scratch, you're in for a steep
learning curve

> >and lots of mistakes that take lots of time...but you can have a decent
> >production environment for less than $3000american as an initial investment.
> Hmmm. A PC and a Mac (we want this to be cross platform). Macromedia
> Director for both platforms. Adobe Photoshop. And a CD-writer. If you're
> using video - a video camera. Video capture card. Adobe Premiere. Lots of
> hard disk space.

Well, for starters, you can get a mac 8500 AV pretty cheap these days, and for
that matter, with virtual PC you can do things cross platform with one computer
(this is, in fact, what I use to develop the educational CDs for the med
school. Video cameras run, if you shop around, about $500 for a hi-8. My
"basic system" and Richard's are a bit different in terms of scrounging.

> I'd be intrigued to know which commercial companies these are. I develop
> cd-roms (and web sites) when I'm not choreographing and, as just one part
> of a team, I've never personally recieved less than $7,500 for my part in
> the production.

Can I come work for you? :-)

We're charging other departments $500 for a basic sound/slideshow CDROM. It
would be very easy to insert video clips in lieu of the images we have. But as
I said, we are a "basic" outfit, and in an educational, rather than commercial,

> As an example, my favourite cd-rom (which I wish I'd worked on) is
> Ceremony of Innocence, developed by Peter Gabriels RealWorld company. I'd
> estimate a budget of about $350,000. A team of a dozen people. Production
> time of a year. Real quality costs in both time and money.

Hear, hear! Anyone who hasn't seen this should, immediately. I consider it to
be my own muse and inspiration for what can be done in terms of a new art
medium. Someday, we'll all get to do something this incredible. Wasn't it more
than a dozen people, though? EVE is also a good experience, by the way--and I
saw a used copy in a bookstore for $15 (US) where I paid $50 a year and a half

> I don't want to put a dampener on things, but I think it is much easier
> to secure funding and resources for a live production.

Hmmmm...unless you get a sponsor like Mr. Gabriel and Macromedia and Apple. I'm
not so certain that when you add up the logistics of a live production, a
"quality" production, in terms of paying people what they're really worth,
rehearsal space, performance space, decent advertising (which would include many
of the same design tools used in a CDROM) etc, that it'd really be more cost
effective. But who cares about money? I sincerely hope none of us are in this
field for that (sounds of maniacal laughter in the distance).

Any other good CDROMs out there? I was impressed with the contact improv CDROM
at IDAT (and wish I knew how to get a copy). My interest is more than
incidental--I expect to be teaching on this subject in a year or two, and would
like a list of potential curricular materials...



> Richard