Re: laban centre summer courses

Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 06:15:09 +0100

Hello Nick --

I am replying to list -- because maybe it would clarify for interested others:

At 17:15 06/04/1999 -0000, you wrote:
>> Pls
>> note that it is a 'discussion based' class -- not hands on.
>Would that make it open to - for example, let us say - composers for
>dance who have experience working with technology in performance?

yes of course -- i guess the main point is that we won't be engaged in
'practical' work (not burning any roms)... it's more of a theoretical class
-- but I prefer to refer to it as 'discussion based'... partly because the
'theory' is not very developed in this area. So discussion/ dialogue/
debates/ writings/ histories/ constructions/ contexts/ references/
reflection -- that's what this course is more about...

at least that's my take on it -- i have two co-instructors who might not
agree with my little exposition here...

from my end -- i am interested in emphasizing an angle towards an
understanding of compositional/ choreographical methodologies within these
sorts of projects we might be referring to as 'dance/ tech' -- in this line
your input/ participation would be hugely welcomed of course.



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