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This event overlaps with the 'conversations on choreography' coming up this
weekend (27-28 March) in Amsterdam (see link in sig file below)



The [NES]theatres, two theatres based in Amsterdam, are organising two
events in the coming weeks about the relationship between theatre and new
media. This is still an unknown area in the Netherlands.

Wednesday (March 24th) different artists are testing software-equipment
like Lisa, Image/ine, MotionCapture. Saturday (March 27th) there will be a
big international improvisation-event between musicians, dancers, video-
and computerartists. You can visit this event live on the net: & or on local cabletelevision
Amsterdam Lokaal A1 - Bellissima. (March 27th from 20.00h - 01.00h local
European time)

This is not a phantasy, this is a program

1999-03-24/20h30 Frascati/WPP/We proudly present

Frascati transforms into a testlab. We proudly present the theatrical
possibilities of the newest computersoftware, videobeams and sensors.
Videoartists, musicians, dancers, visual artists will test this equipment
in short actions/duels. The public is invited as a witness and is able to
wander around. There will be room for reflection. In the end it will be

participants: Pauline de Groot, Isabelle Jenniches, Boris Gerrets, Karen
Lancel, Rob List, Eric Frymark, Daniel Schorno, Frank van der Ven, Yvonne
Fontijne, Michael Schumacher, Joel Ryan, Seven Seas, Quirine Racké en
Helena Muskens, Ronald Nord.

Questions of one field or another

1999-03-27/21h30 Frascati /The N of the I/The Night of the Improvisation

A yearly international cult-event for improvising dancers and musicians.
Now for the last and fith time a very special edition: computer artists
like Joel Ryan en Sher Doruff are invited to improvise with members of the
international dance and music scene.. They will transform the image of the
dance and the sound of the music in unknown ways. They will explode the
usual here and now-feeling of the improvisers. Improvisation will never be
the same as it was before.

participants: Katie Duck, Meg Stuart, Amanda Miller, Jonathan Burrows,
Kirstie Simson, Sharon Smith, Martin Sonderkamp, Michael Schumacher, Yvonne
Fontijne, Joel Ryan, Luc, Terry, Andy The Ex, Michael Vatcher, Mary Oliver,
Ab Baars, Sher Doruff, Roberta Marques, Eric Frymark, Lot Siebe, Ronal
Nord, Ellen Knops.

For reservations: 00-31-(0)20 6266866

For more information:

Robert Steijn

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Session One: Amsterdam 26-28 March 1999
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