pulse sensor I need help with

Aaron Davidson (aaronsd@earthlink.net)
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 20:17:16 -0700

Hello- I have a COMBI pulse sensor (clip on ear?) I stumbled across, no
packaging or info, just the sensor (IR emitter/detector ?) that terminates
in a 1/8 inch stereo plug. The only electronics are the emitter/detector,
one on each side of the clip.I had hoped to interface this with the
sensorlab/i-cube. I honestly am not sure of the operation of these sensors
(pulsing of blood obstructing Infra Red emitter, detector registers change
in IR transmission through ear lob?).

My friend plans to use this in a piece, if I can figure it out for him.


Does anyone have any idea how to activate this ?????....... power
requirements, circuit characteristics, past experiences. I know my info is
vague, but it is all I have.

Is it easier to build one from scratch for use with digitizers ???

The COMBI corporation is extremely hard to navigate through, their baby
stroller division seems to have the only internet presence, and they don't
know anything regarding pulse sensors (though some division sells them for
their exercise bikes...defunct?)

recently some Cate Eye pulse sensors were purchased, any experience with
these ??

any and all advice will be greatly appreciated,

aaron davidson