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Wed, 10 Mar 1999 14:24:31 +0000

images for publishing
Dear list and especially you IDAT attenders,

I was at IDAT and am writing an article for International Arts Manager about the issues for arts managers which came up over the conference. I will be including much of the "work in progress vs finished work debate" that raged during a couple of the round tables in terms of how that is going to affect promoters and company managers. Probably of little interest to you as a group of artists, however a good opportunity to present your work to a different audience.

I am also writing another article for UK publication, Animated, which will deal with a broader range of topics raised at the conference.

I need your images to illustrate these articles, and am dealing with a short notice period of 18th March for the former and the end of the month for the latter. So maybe you can go electronic for this one. If you have images for publication, on TIF or EPS with a minimum scan quality of 300 DPI, or if you have large high res JPegs, you can send them directly to IAM, marked for attention Jane Morris,, or you can call their ISDN line- 44 171 709 9020. Or you could send me a Zip Disk or transparencies and prints and I will return these to you.

My address is

Sophie Hansen
96 Bermondsey St
London SE1 3UB

I would be very interested to hear if anyone else on the list is writing about the conference. I found it a fascinating experience.