Life Forms - did you know?

Bart Copeland (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 09:05:12 -0800

Hi there,

Life Forms has always been known as an excellent tool for creating and
editing character motion, but did you know that Life Forms supports over
a dozen 3D movement and model formats, making it a versatile file
conversion program as well!

For example, say you have models in 3DS format and need them in LWS
format, simply open in Life Forms and export as LWS!

Or, say you've got your hands on some Acclaim motion capture data, but
need BioVision BVH...Life Forms will get you moving.

Life Forms Studio 3.0 not only converts motion capture data, but also
models and/or movement in the following formats:

LWS (LightWave 3d)
3DS (3D Studio Max)
OBM (ElectricImage)
DXF (model geometry)
VRML 1.0
BioVision BVA
BioVision BVH
Acclaim Motion Capture
Extreme 3D (tracks)
Strata Hierarchical Motion (SHM)

To test out Life Forms' file conversion capabilities, download your own
free demo today from the Credo Interactive website, at:

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