Re:MAX and Director

Garth Paine (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 20:59:26 +1100

Hi vaughn

> i was just checking out your site and man i am curious about the audio
>box. i would appreciate any info.

you can find the AudioBox at Richmond Sound Design in Canada
look at

>i got your address from the max list
>and i am wondering if you could help me out with some problems that i'm
>having. i'm tring to get max to communicate with director, but i'm not
>sure how. (i've been working with max for only 3 months... tutorial 29
>max/ 18 msp) any ideas? also, i've got one 180mhz 7300 and am about to
>purchase a new G3. how do i link these together?

Use the serial object in MAX. You can send any kind of string out which
ever port you have set up for the object to send to. Then run a standard
serial cable to the other MAC. There is a Serial extra from Director which
comes with all the documentation. You need to instantiate it with the baud
rate (same as you set in the MAX serial object) the bit length, parity and
handshaking settings you require. The you write some Lingo to poll the
serial bus reguarly. I suggest making the Lingo look for an initial
character which you send at the start of each string and the read a set
number of characters after the innitation character.

ie. A002

you would tell Lingo to look for the "A" and then read the 3 charcters
after. I suggest you then tell lingo to clear the port so that it doesn't
clog up with other crap and give misguided data reports.

The of course you set up somthing in Director as an outcome of the command
being recieved.

I hope all thats clear

>also i'm going to be in australia in july and would love to check out
>your work if there is anything going on. let me know.

Sure just let me know when you arrive - I live in Melbourne.

PS if your at IDAT this week, check out the Company in Space work "Escape
Velocity" which uses teleconferencing systems to bring dancers in Arizona
and dancers in Melbourne Australia together in the same virtual space. I
use the VNS and MAX to sense the video image of the choreography, to create
a layer of interactive sound fed into the mix with pre-structured material.
I am also using Supercollider to generat material which is controllered by
an audience member at IDAT moving a mouse around on the screen of a brouser
at that end. we are converting those mouse positions into MIDI and driving
a Supercollider patch at this end which is also fed back into the mix.

Performance at the Web Cafe at 5PM on Saterday.



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