Re: max, midi and i-cube

Yacov Sharir (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:55:59 -0600


Hi Stephan

We have developed a prototype MIDI Dance Surface which is capable of
transmitting precise position coordinates, velocity and pressure
information in the form of standard MIDI messages. The surface
consists of a large number of Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) which are
attached to heavy-duty plastic sheeting and covered with polyethylene
foam. The sheets may either be placed on top of or beneath a standard
Marley Dance floor. The FSRs are typically arranged in a grid with 16
columns (left to right) and 4 rows (front to back), which results in a
16' square dance surface with 64 1' x 4' velocity and pressure
sensitive regions, each of which is assigned a separate input channel
of a Voltage to MIDI Interface Box which has 64 analog inputs, plus
MIDI Out. The MIDI Box incorporates a Motorola MC68HC11 microprocessor
and can be programmed to convert input/output analog signals to/from
any desired MIDI messages, on multiple MIDI channels. Hence, used in
conjunction with an "intelligent" external MIDI processing system, it
is ideal for use in interactive dance compositions in which one or more
dancers/choreographer can affect both the music and lighting by the
nature of their movements and by their precise position(s) on the

Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) can be activated via the interface Box
that has 64 analog inputs. or with the I-cube system/box. Whoever MAX
is the software program we use in order to increase the level of
computing necessary for a performance/event/etc.

I will be presenting the floor, the interface box, and the I-cube
system in my preconference workshop at IDAT99. I hope you are planing
to attend.

Best, Yacov Sharir

>Hello everyone,


>I'm currently researching 'dance and technology' at St. Martins
College in


>I have been developping projects involving Lingo based animation

>by floor sensor pads linked up to Director. I'm interested to know

>different sensory connection possibilities especially involving MIDI.

>have been hearing about i-cube but would like to hear from someone who

>actually used it to hear about the kinds of possibilities it can do.

>I never have heard of MAX before either.

>Could someone please elaborate on this MAX as well.

>Any help would be appreciated.