Re: videoplayback

Greville Matthews (
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:13:50 PST

>>>i would like suggestions about the playback device. one alternative
>>>to get a mac with max and one of those midi video playback programs.
>>>this would require one computer per monitor.

>2. Steinburg make a software package called X<>Pose which I haven't
>but looks cool and mapps video clips to MIDI note numbers
I've had the opportunity to use this program in the Migratory Bodies
workshop - it's fun to play with and you can do lots of interesting
things with it - but it's not much more than a glorified visual effect
system like the ones you see in clubs/raves. To put sound onto the
system i went through Premier - so it was quite ardious to do. This
however could be 'cause I was using it wrong!! Try contacting Per Platou
- he was my mentor!! Also, you could try using a program called Imagine
which has 4 or 5 (I can't remember which) layers of images/ text and i
think sound as well, again Per is the man to talk to.
I hope this helps
Greville Matthews

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