space available in London...

Michael Klien (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 15:16:08 -0000

This is a short-notice to artists living in the London-area.

Barriedale Operahouse is currently turning their current (very inspiring and
representative) offices into a more open and accessible research and working
lab for artists concerned with performance and technology.
We are still looking for 1-2 individuals who are interested in having their
working - base in our studios. The studios are based in the roof of the
Greenwich Dance Agency in the old Borough Hall in Greenwich,
Currently there are several artists working there in various media (film,
music, choreography, theatre, design, animation,…).
The rent is very, very cheap…

Please forward this message to people who you think might be interested…
For more info please send short bio and outline of current works to:
or snail-mail:
Barriedale Operahouse
Borough Hall, Royal Hill
SE10 8RT London

Barriedale Operahouse Initiations Ltd.
artistic direction /
       creative consultancy /
                     choreographic r+d