Re: dance/technology workshop

Johannes Birringer (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 02:38:19 +0000

Steven Malkus recently posted his announcement about the idea of a
clearinghouse for virtual dance festivals/workshops. Well.

As a footnote to my other post, I'd like to mention again that
AlienNation Co. will start up its first Houston dance and technology lab
on Monday, January 18 (running through February 28, meetings
Mondays/Thursday evenings).

First research area: TIME. (slow space).

We will try to keep the lab open to those interested in checking
in/visiting us online. We will post the on-going research ideas on our

Questions or interventions will always be welcome. The first phase will
investigate the relationshop of architecture (space) to dancetime, time
of the movement of dance as visualization/visual train or tumbleweed
(exodesic structure I).

Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.