Rob Shapiro/Kelly Hargraves (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 23:40:09 -0500

>>Holy Body Tatoo is performing at PS 122 in NYC this weekend (Jan. 7-10)
>>Anyone going? Any comments?

Also,what do people think about GHOSTCATCHING, the Riverbed collaboration
with Bill T. Jones, also premiered this week at Cooper Union in NYC?

I felt the imagery was quite beautifully rendered. The content of the
dance is somewhat elusive. The most intriguing part is that it's a
loop...I don't know at which point I walked into the performance. Is a
sense of dramatic structure an element, albeit the emotional/political
content that people have been commenting on?

thanks for correction of the troupe's name
>> (everyone here called them hot body tattoo, probably to avoid
>> falling into too many political-religious arguments)
>They may not be a religion, but they're certainly an organisation:
> Nick Rothwell, CASSIEL contemporary dance projects
> music synthesis and control
> You've read the rant, now buy the album: