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Sandi Kurtz (sandik@slime.atmos.washington.edu)
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 14:53:52 -0800 (PST)

Oooh, Portapaks. What memories!

A question for the list at large -- What is the (now) most antiquated
piece of equipment you've worked with?

sandi kurtz

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, MR STEVEN W MALKUS wrote:

> Hi...from an old dancevideo and dance-tech hand (Dance in America in
> the mid 70's
> when people like Ed Emshwiller were already light years ahead)---and
> it was certainly
> the same question(s) then...
> My answer...Why not?...If you can make it interesting enough to get
> anyone's attention...
> Who cares about the rationale, money, or politics(dare I say it) as
> long as no one has sold
> their soul and no weapons are involved! And whoever said its all
> movement, it's all dance--
> they are right! And the new media does create an attention deficient
> audience by nature--
> so what grabs them must truly grab---and can the work bring them to a
> new, alive even
> deeply stirring moment---that's our job as creators! The wonder of
> it!
> The wonder of this list---I never could have guessed when I first got
> into videodance in college in
> the era of portapaks that I would be having this unique dialogue with
> people all interested in
> dance and technology! Keep on musing on the question of dance on the
> web---I'm paying atten-
> tion, even if a lot of it sounds hauntingly familiar.
> Steven Malkus