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I'm not saying that I can do either well, but that is my
>goal! Les Watanabe

Well Les, don't be so modest! I have seen your incredible thesis work as an
example in a video class here at UCI and it is highly revered by all. You
obviously have the knowledge and essence of choreographic material.
Amy Cady-UCI student

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Date: Thursday, January 07, 1999 11:04 AM
Subject: RE: Why dance on the Web?

>Well, there is so much dance being made that can't be taken seriously - I
>mean dance as ART - that connects to people/ that inspire! I mean the
>average layman/woman doesn't understand a lot of what they see and often
>choreographer sends mixed messages because of lack of knowledge of the
>essence of choreographic material and essence. When dance is beautifully
>choreographed with intent and meaning and is well filmed, well, the effect
>is wonderful! I'm not saying that I can do either well, but that is my
>goal! Les Watanabe - Portland Oregon
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>After years of directing/collaborating on video/dance pieces for UK TV I'm
>not so sure that Dance on video does make that much sense. Certainly most
>Commissioning Editors in British TV don't take dance at all seriously.
>Strangely enough, dance on the web (to me) makes much more sense, if only
>because there is a different relationship between those of us who care
>about dance and the media/technology...
>However - Richard Lord's response is a specific example of the best answer
>I know -
>Because bright and talented choreographers want to ... for me that's reason
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