Re: The great Debate (not about dance & tech)

Dawn Stoppiello (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 17:12:31 -0500 (EST)

Geez! This is great! I have been away from the list for months and have
just spent an hour reading this Great Debate thread. Funny, but I found
myself skipping all the postings that DID NOT address this topic - just
goes to show what I am interested in. If you don't like the topic, don't
read the post. (just echoing what others have said) Well, here are my

Chris Sumpton wrote:

>I for one am sick of hearing people complain about
>money to go to conferences, when there are many in the world who have no
>food, clothing or adequate housing. I would like to encourage people to
>widen their perspectives on where the priorities lie for public money to
>be spent.

Let us not be to quick to judge the rants of others...and be sure to get
your's in fast while you can...before the list is "fully moderated".
Busted! :) But isn't it nice that we (you) can add to our specified
interest in D&T with little tidbits of other parts of life that we are
interested in and that shape who we are and what our art is. Will Scott S.
have to read every post word for word to make sure that someone doesn't
slip in a non D&T thought in between specifically D&T thoughts. Ack. He is
probably already doing that on some level actually. To keep out the wankers!

Per wrote in response to our banishment to a specifically political list:

>Hey stop! This is just it, we know each other (some of us anyway)on this
>list, so lets keep our discussions here. Please!! This isn't a discussion
>about "something else" is it? Cmon, we're HERE!! Whats wrong?

Per, I would hug you if you were here! But you're not and this list is how
I get my fix of those in our community who live far from me. I just jump
into my DanceTech box and listen. If this list was purely nuts and bolts on
how to make sensors or write code or what the hell ever I wonder how much
Dance would be mixed in with the Tech anyway. But I guess, if necessary, we
could seperate into a camp who wants suprises and can exercise our delete
key rights to pass on stuff that don't interest us and a camp for USEFUL
D&T INFO ONLY. Of course I am a novice at list serves and maybe I don't
fully understand their function. I simply enjoy the banter mixed in with
the information.

Ok. That's all. Scott, thank you for all the work you have done so far. In
a nut shell, I vote for no more moderation than has already been happening.


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