Re: IDAT 99

Johannes Birringer (
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 00:39:07 +0000

I also feel, like Doug, that it was good to see everyone's
work-in-progress at IDAT99, that we had a splendid opportunity to
exchange ideas (we need to give ourselves more time and patience perhaps
to explore some of the vexing issues of a new or changing dance
aesthetic, of the content of our technologically mediated work, our
relationship to audiences and also the dance/performance community at
large), and that it was great to see so many folks from all over the
world convene in Arizona.

I wish to thank the organisers for keeping us on our toes, moving
around, providing us with such excellent facilities and warm desert

The New York Times, in today's review, had really very little to say,
and I am not sure whether that coverage was helpful at all, it seemed a
trivial and conservative response that avoided, like some of our
discussions, a critical stance towards what is being done in the field
and why it is done.

Has anyone in New York seen the new documentary on Paul Taylor? The
interview in the NYT made me wonder....

I'd be interested in a copy of the documentary footage that (yes?) is
being edited at ASU of the conference performances and debates, I'd like
to write about the event.

with best wishes,

Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.