DIEM Digital Dance Interface

Wayne Siegel (wsiegel@daimi.au.dk)
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:42:04 +0100

Hi Folks!

Complete product information about the DIEM Digital Dance System is now
available on DIEM's website.

Go to DIEM's home page and select "Products"


The site includes:

General Description
Technical Information
Price List
Program notes

See also under "Research" for a description of the Digital Dance Research Project.

The DIEM Digital Dance system is an interface designed especially for
interactive dance. The dancer wears up to 14 bending sensors that measure the
angles of the dancerÔs limbs.

The bending sensors are connected to a small wireless transmitter worn by the
dancer on a belt. Data is transmitted to a receiver unit which sends standard
MIDI controller values for each sensor.

The system can be used in any MIDI setup to control music or lighting in a
dance performance. The system has been used by intrumentalists to control live
computer processing in a concert performance.

The DIEM Digital Dance System is being made commercially available on request
by numerous performers, choreographers and composers.


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