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"Emotional Landscapes" (New Photographs and digital prints by Hans



Video/dance installation by AlienNation Co.

Opening reception:

Saturday, February 20, 6:o pm to10:oo pm
Winter Street Art Center, Houston.

(on view through March 13. Gallery hours by appointment (713) 861 3782.)

On Friday/Saturday, March 5-6, at 8:oo pm, the exhibition expands into a
digital performance and music concert created by AlienNation Co
which links the "dance" of the cosmonaut with the theatrical scenario of
"Litany for a Dead Earth," composed by Vespucci before his death. This
concert will unveil some of the new digital experiments explored by
AlienNation Co. during the performance-technology lab.
(see < )

Since the premiere of "migbot2" in December 1998, Birringer and
Staartjes collaborated in directing the first Houston "digital
performance and technology" laboratory at Winter Street. VESPUCCI is a
complex and dramatic video installation exploring outer space and the
hallucinations of the Russian cosmonaut Generico Vespucci.

Featured performers and visual artists in the Vespucci concert include
Angeles Romero, Don Calledare, Christy Singleton, Emmanuel Woodward, DJ
Flux, Chris Aranda and Steve Pare. Digital imaging/films by Johannes

AlienNation Co. is a Houston-based international performance ensemble
experimenting with multiple media and new technologies. The company
works as a laboratory for projects exploring new links between live
performance, video choreography, electronic music, digital art and
interactive design.

On opening night there will be a release party for AlienNation's new
CD/CD-ROM, ăNorth by South," with the composers and dancers present.

Winter Street Art Center: (713) 861 3782 orpheus/
For photos contact J. Birringer at 713 521 3325

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