Re: videoplayback

Garth Paine (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 10:28:48 +1100

Hi Mark,

>I am curious: how does the output quality compare to Quicktime video on a
>Mac or similar digital video. I assume that it is pretty much the same
>quality, again assuming that you are using MPEG compression, but I'd like
>to hear from someone who has seen the output.
>The other big question, how much does it cost?

I have used them with MPEG 2 compression and projected the image onto a
wall - as large as we could make it - it thought it looked about SVHS
quality - prety good really, heaps better than MPEG 1 - reasonable colour
depth etc. There are 2 ways of MPEG encoding - variable and fixed bit rate
- Variable is always prferable as it adjusts to the demands of the image in



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