Re: videoplayback

Garth Paine (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 10:18:46 +1100

>>3. Philips make a PCMCIA card Video player which I have used and it is
>>fantastic - you can access it through RS232 via the Serial object.
>DOes anyone have more detailed information about this card?

Sure, I have used them.

The Philips ISP3004 is a solid stae MPEG video player. The video can be
encodes as MPEG 1 or 2 and downloaded via a PC to a PCMCIA card. Depending
on the bit rate, you use approx. 35MB/Min, so a 520MB card will hold about
15 minutes of video with synchronised audio. The video can be brocken into
any number of clips which are indipendantly addressable to play, loop etc -
you can therefore create sequence orders in realtime interactivly.

Control is via a 9 pin RS232 serial input. Output is via Y/C or CVBS composite

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