emotional media/ update

Niels Radtke (radtke@nirvanet.net)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 14:48:55 +0100

hello everyone.

I want to give an update about the emotional media project.
I sent two mails before called "dance web"
and I want to thank the people who responded to that.
if there are some serious suggestions please tell me. (in person not on the
the module should be ready in march.

this is the short planning and synopsis
to be continued...

emotional media

emotional media is searching for the new medium. who is the new new medium,
not what.
what are we telling? what do we want to make understand and to whom ? Where
is everybody?
emotional media lets people talk beyond a technique and gives them back
their voice.
Emotional media is about crying, laughing, hate, sexuality, frustrations,
needs . welcome.
every person has the right to feel its mission on earth and to accomplish
please, no effects on yourself.

contemporary art in emotions:

Video discollection: (film, video, directors, credits, scripts, actors,
theory, research)
Virtual recombinants: (visual effects, Vr, 3D, science)
The world is sound: (music, composers, samples, electroacoustic,
microsounds, research)
bodies: (dance, performance, on stage)
online interactive: (websites as art, online projects )
words: open-urge-forum for people having really something to say, about
themselves, a film they saw, a book they read, an event that changed their
way of perceiving life.