Re: radio dance

David Rodger (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 06:42:40 +1000

>Back to sound. Has anyone (composer?) experimented with these live
>contact sounds, sampled them, transformed them into algorithms? how
>would contact sound (feet screeching, thumping) translate into abstract
>visuals, x-rays, visual-sonic patterns of a certain kind of movement
>impact on ground, other bodies? is there an electronic caress, slide,
>jump landing, what does it look like/sound like? Why is the fundamental
>pulsation of the body "cleaned up" or cleared out/filtered out in edited
>music tracks over dance?

Ooh, ooh! (fx: hand in the air)

I just had a vision involving boundary layer microphones, a very big Mac,
and MAX/MSP. :-)

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