from Sue Kozel/ Kirk Woolford: showing in NYC

Scott deLahunta (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 13:01:47 +0000

Hello Dance-Tekkers, Scott's posting this to the list for me because I'm
temporarily off it. We're working on a project in New York at the moment
and thought there might be people around interested in coming to our
informal showings. There seem to be a lot of you in the NYC area...

WHO: Susan Kozel and Kirk Woolford of Mesh Performance Partnerships

WHERE: P.S.1. Center for Contemporary Art (NYC)

WHAT: a showing of CONTOURS, within the context of the Hotel New York
P.S.1. project conceived by Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk

WHEN: showings from 4-6pm on Friday January 15th and Saturday January 16th

CONTOURS is an installation/performance involving dance, real-time computer
imagery and motion tracking/analysis. It has been commissioned to
premiere in June 1999 in the UK, and early stages of research took place
during summer 1998 in New York as well as at the ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und
Medientechnologie) in Germany as part of "In Flying Spaces" produced by
Sally Jane Norman).

The theme of the Hotel New York P.S.1 project is physical migration of
peoples across the Atlantic from Europe to North America. CONTOURS is
about the migration of bodies across the media of flesh, video projections
and computers. The distance traversed is no longer in terms of land mass
and oceans, but of bodies becoming fluid and displaced through interaction
with computers. The software (written by Woolford) uses infrared cameras
to read bodily movement. Projected into the room are real-time digitised
contours that search and disperse the form of the dancer. CONTOURS is a
journey through an environment of liquid light.

The Hotel New York P.S.1 project is van Heeswijk's transformation of a
gallery at P.S.1 into a room of Rotterdam's famous Hotel New York.
Artists are invited to live and work in the P.S.1 room with the condition
that the perform or exhibit something at the end of their stay.
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