Why dance on the Web?

Sita Popat (Sita_Popat@research.ultralab.anglia.ac.uk)
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 20:48:31 +0000

I would like to pose a question: Why dance on the web?

Dance on video makes sense - OK so there are some elements that don't work
so well on video, but there are equally a wealth of new possibilities
opened up by special effects, camera angles, focus, etc. A sort of
sideways slipage of the field of possibilities. But why the Web? Dance
on the Web must necessarily be presented as video clips, so there are no
new opportunities in terms of form and content. Infact the field of
possibilities has shrunk - literally - because of downloading times and
tiny video frames on screen.

The reasons which I have come up with are:
1. global communication
2. mass availability for minimum charge (free if you are lucky enough!)
3. interactive possibilities (which is where my field of research lies).

What does anyone else think - especially those who are currently working
with the Web?

Incidentally, thanks to those who responded to my previous request for
information on interactive dance web sites.