Re: The great Debate

Mark Coniglio (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 08:54:01 -0500

Liss said:

>David Miller asked about the "noise" that I felt could be moderated out of
>the list. With the polemics concerning funding for presenters at IDAT, I
>thought the list was unnecessarily tied up in issues unrelated to dance and

I must say that I discussing the policies of IDAT, a festival that focuses
on presenting and discusing dance and technology artworks, is precisely the
kind of thing that should be discussed on this list. IDAT is important
because, hopefully, it will become an ongoing annual event, and it is
important for the us to discuss how we would like to see it grow.
Especially since those who are working now to make it happen are part of
this community.

Scott Sutherland said:

>I think we are two very different groups of dance-tech subscribers, with
>different needs and interests.


>The trick will be to come up with a solution
>that is satisfactory to everyone, not just the small group of people who
>regularly post.

Indeed, a satisfactory compromise would be best. But I am afraid that I am
with Jean-Marc Matos. Personally, I don't want moderation and, should this
list become moderated, I would prefer to leave it in favor of one that is
unmoderated. And, one could argue that very solution: one moderated and one
unmoderated list. The question becomes, if the 25% who prefer no moderation
(who Scott S. pointed out are, generally speaking, the regular
contributors) move to the unmoderated list, will there be enough traffic on
the moderated list to make it useful?

Still, it is the holidays, and there are several people who we haven't
heard from on this issue. We should continue the debate for a couple of
more weeks, I think. Ought we to vote about moderation after the first of
the year when most folks are back to their email? Do people on listservs do

Be Merry,

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