An organized solution

Jeffrey G. Miller (
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 14:59:48 -0500

Rob Shapiro/Kelly Hargraves wrote:

> What is so wrong with placing this within the context of a list of
> intelligent participants, who might be able to work toward some sort of
> organized solution?

As I read this, I put it in terms of the many works I've seen and heard about
that have social/political relevance, produced in many different kinds of

Perhaps a start would be the creation of a virtual gallery, show, or somesuch
providing either descriptions, content, or links to these various pieces. The
dance/tech zone would be the obvious home (you guys have copious amounts of
spare time, right?) but perhaps some other server, from some Great University
Resource would be better...

I'm not speaking of a DanceTech site; that exists, in a very wonderful
format. Rather, I'm referring to a collection or hub for specific works
created with a political/social context of contemporary issues.

As a web designer by necessity, it is natural that my thoughts would gravitate
towards this medium, but perhaps another would be more appropriate, video,
mailing, festival...I would be willing to begin such a process, in terms of
the web, if others feel it would be a useful/worthwhile endeavor.

Jeff Miller