Re: Dance Tech Subjects

sher doruff (
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 16:00:05 +0100

Another two cents worth on this topic:
I have to agree with Jeff's diplomatic response to the issue of list
moderation. Judgement calls on 'political debate' by one self-appointed
person is certainly fraught with complications and eyebrow-raising to
say the very least.

Since this development was spawned by the IDAT thread, I want to add
that I personally benefitted from that exchange in a more tangible way
than any theoretical thread on this very fine and exciting list. I
(FORK) have had to cancel our participation in the conference because we
could just not find the funds to cover all our traveling, hotel, etc.
costs. Though many European countries are more generous in these areas
than the US, it's still difficult to find funding in the short term for
these kinds of events. I discovered from the thread that we were not
alone in initially assuming that the travel expenses would be covered.
We scrambled for funding and finally, with much saddness, frustration
and embarrassment, decided to inform IDAT that we are unable to
participate. I'm still saddened by this but perhaps no longer 'ashamed'
as I now know there are many others who are experiencing these
frustrations. I did not feel a 'diatribe' element in the postings but
rather the surfacing of important issues. I realize this is a difficult
area but there IS a fine line between censorship and moderation and I do
hope this list and Scott S. can resolve these matters without boycotts
and self-righteousness.
Sher Doruff