Re: IDAT99 and no budget

cory (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 05:07:34 -0800 (PST)

I forgot one thing. Your comment about "free capitalist" attitude is so
right on. I think that integration of art into universities so strongly
has ruined the market for performance and art in America. Why should
people with money pay to see great pieces performed when they can simply
have kids in college dying to do something creative work their asses of
and give them a free performance. I am speaking from experience and this
happens greatly with dance. Most the dance I see come from American
Universities is pretty dry, modern and boring anyway. The push just isn't
there, it's all about learning this ancient artform and pushing older
styles and not paying choregrapher enough to get great ones in. I guess a
lot of the students aren't also so great either. I know it depends on
where you are because I am not at a performing arts university by any
means so I am sure it is different other places, but, this is my
experience and I do hate the way that people are constantly telling
everyone, "here, perform for free, your work will be seen by all these
people" GREAT, too bad these people son't give a flying fuck about my
work because they didn't even have to pay, it jst happend to be a free
performance. I know wo many people here who do su much work for free.
It's getting the same way in the film industry. Non-union extra work is
everywhere, it's mcuh cheaper for the filmakers and there are tons of
willing wanna-be actors that think somehow being an extra could be their
big break. O.K. I vented, thanks for listening.

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