Trampoline commissions

Scott deLahunta (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 12:43:35 +0100

cross post from live-art list -- United Kingdom based.

>From: "active ingredient" <>
>4 commissons for digital arts @ 200 each
>trampoline has a small amount of money to offer local digital artists for 2
>events as part of FAST + WIDE, Broadways digital arts and media season.
>We would like to commission;
>a) an installation which uses new technology and/or video as a major
>part of the piece.
>b) an interactive CD-Rom or internet based artwork.
>c) & d) 2 live/performance based pieces which use new technology and/or
>video as an integral element.
>Dates for the events are 15th January and 15th March 1999
>Deadline for proposals, 18th December 1998.