Re: New from Credo - PowerModels

Armando Menicacci (
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 02:22:02 +0100

The substitution problem appears again it seems that the substitution issue
comes out again. Cory's humouristic
and funny comment about Powermodels carries, if I understood correctly, the
old fear that technology will sooner or later substitute "real, physical"
choreographer. (I might have misunderstood because I don't speak English
very well)

There are two points in this reaction I'd like to discuss with the
collective wisdom. First of all
Cory makes an opposition between "real" choreographers and (probably) non
real because she said that "real ones will have no jobs in future. Or,
Lifeforms is not a choreographer, but a choreographic tool. (I don't work
for Lifeforms or credo interactive) it can only allow "real" choreographer
to move limbs and body segments in time and space. That is not
choreography. Everybody is moving limb (according to what they have) in
time and space but only a few professionals do choreography. So The tool
is, of course, innocent. It's like a gun you can save lives with it (even
without using it) or you can shoot you neighbor. It depend on you. It
depends on the use. Choreography is not only a matter of moving bodies in
space and for this you need thinking that con only come though practice and
theory (but sometimes theory is not necessary).
Second thought is linked to _Cyberculture_ a recent book by Pierre Levy
former professor at my university (Paris 8). He says that no communication
media has eves made the substitution of another : written language did not
substitute spoken word, photograph has not brought the substitution of
painting, telephon has not brought the substitution of personal meetings,
email has not brought the end of the pleasure of handwriting and so on.
Every new tool doesn't substitute to previous one, but just complexifies
the communication system. And adds a new level of life.

>Human choreographers. Real, physical choreographers that have put so much
>of their life into dance with the upmost in dedication, training and
>sacrifice of mind and body among other things...just may have lost their
>jobs in the future. I guess we just really are tired of the commitment
>and constraint that our bodies demand of us as well as our minds. In
>light of the new space station that is in phase II of development and will
>soon support a small colony of people permanently living in space and
>Phillips' project to integrate technology into nearly every aspect of
>life ( believe), it seems that we really have given up
>on the earth and other humans as a means to solve problems and have begun
>to put our energy into working for the development of technology and
>moving to the moon. Maybe all the rich and priveledged will move there to
>try to control the earth, then we can devise a plan to destroy the
>connection and see how they survive without the rest of the world. Just a
>little cynical humor.