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sher doruff (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:54:15 +0100

In reponse to Scott's request for Cyberstudio II participants to reflect on the
experience, I offer this:
As a hybrid auditor/tech assistant I didn't fully participate in the conceptual
process of the groups. I initially questioned the wisdom of the context (Glenn's
flight) but found that by the third day, most of the groups were immersed in
their extrapolated visions and versions (some seriously, some blasphemously) and
that this technique was, in fact, an effective method for a hands-on workshop.
Most of the participants not only 'survived', but seemed to relish the
experience. Frustrations had more to do with technical problems and hardware
limitations which is unavoidable in this type of event. I thought the mix of
disciplines was encouraging in identifying mulimedia theater issues/esthetics
and that, for the most part, we are all asking the same questions and
experimenting within our individual means. Certainly the budgets and time
allocated for Diller & Scofidio pieces far exceed the possibilites for
independent European based theatermakers but I sense that this might be an
enormous advantage as far as experiment and risktaking are concerned. In short,
I thought the Lab was quite successful in merging lectures with project
storyboarding and that the involvement of the D&S team seemed genuine and

Sher Doruff


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