Re: question about electrode system

Robert Wechsler (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:14:37 +0100


>A while back someone, I think it was Robert Wechlser, advertised some
>midi sensor equipment, for about $100. Is this still available or is my
>memory completely incorrect?

Right, it wasn't exactly an advertisement as it was a feeling out for
interest to see if we should think seriously about "going into production".

We have developed a quite sensitive and easy to use electrode system which
converts muscle contractions to MIDI.

There were indeed a number of people who expressed interest (I guess 12 now
in all). I am actually working on it these days. There are, at least in
our own work, two applications. Each seems to have different hardware

One is if the audience is wired up, and one is if the dancer is. The
difference is, at least in our show, that the audience does not need to
actually move around very much. This means that a cord is no problem (and
also that miniaturization is not a factor). For the freely-moving dancer
the job is larger. In this case the equipment should be quite small.
Things like plugs and wiring need to be much more robust and finally a
transmitter system needs to be integrated.

The first mentioned system is quite close to being ready. The price, by the
way, is not clear. It depends now on how simply we can build the midi
conversion part of the system.

Thanks all for your interest (it motivates our work!). I will keep you
posted when we are further along. We certainly plan to have a bunch with us
at IDAT99.


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