The Forsythe Perspective

Susie Crow (
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 10:32:21 -0800

Thought this event might be of interest to UK based list members:


Saturday 28th November '98, 10.30am-5.30pm
Sadler's Wells Theatre - Cable and Wireless Room, mezzanine and other

A study day to celebrate the first British season by William Forsythe and
his Ballett Frankfurt and the new Sadler's Wells environment. Speakers
include Deborah Bull, Dana Caspersen, Mark Goulthorpe, Nic Haffner, Ann
Nugent, Roslyn Sulcas and members of Ballett Frankfurt - presentations will
emphasise both the multi-cultural nature of the work and its confrontation
with space. The programme is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Generative Strategies
- Overview of Forsythe's work
- Improvisation Technologies: practical demonstration of the CD-ROM
produced by Forsythe and his company to initiate new dancers into the
choreographic systems of inquiry

Part 2: Relative Positions
- An architecture of disappearance
- Interpretative strategies (focusing on the Sadler's Wells triple bill)
- The dancing experience

Part 3: Exchange
Members of the Ballett Frankfurt join the day's presenters for an exchange
of views

Booking: Tickets available from the Box Office 0171 863 8000 at ?20 full
price ?15 concessions (48 places)

7.30pm Sadler's Wells Theatre: Ballett Frankfurt in Hypothetical Stream
2, Enemy in the Figure, Quintett

Involvement of company members subject to rehearsal commitments on the day.
The Forsythe Perspective is organised in collaborative partnership between
Sadler's Wells and the Goethe Institute, University of Surrey, Ballet
Independents' Group and the Society for Dance Research. Programme subject
to change.

During the week there are also opportunities for groups of students and
professionals to have hands-on experience of Improvisation Technologies
lead by Nic Haffner. Those interested should contact Dean Xavier,
Programming Officer on 0171 833 4365