Re: Invitation to private presentation

Armando Menicacci (
Sat, 14 Nov 1998 02:38:55 +0100

Doug Rosenberg

> Those of us old enough to remember "the military industrial complex"
>were taught to question issues of agency, entitlement, etc. and even more
>specifically to follow the money. Perhaps it would be wise to give some
>though to why we engage technology in the way we do and at what cost?

abandoning philosophy (without too many regrets) and coming to the wallet
we must admit that theatre history is full of details that are due to
industry and technology problems that interfere with artistic issues.
Moli¸renever wrote an acts of a play longer than (if I remember well) 26
minutes because of candle compsuntion. Well he managed to deal with the
restreint, with the problem. The real problem is not beeng Moli¸re.
The problems arte not the diffuculties (technologicals or not) the problems
are, in my personal opinion, how to make "humanity" (technological or not)
come out of the wires.