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Dennis Diamond (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:52:25 -0500

Last night at the 2nd DANCE ON CAMERA SHOWCASE, the next on is December 9, at 7pm at Lang Hall Hunter College (FREE admission) located at 68 Street and Lexington Ave, New York city had a match with Douglas Rosenberg and would like to report that he is extremely agile and strong. For those who have never met Douglas, and think they can beat him, he makes Mike Tyson look like a baby.

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Doug, you own me 25 cents for this advance publicity.

> From: Doug Rosenberg <>
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> Subject: Re: IDAT 99
> Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 3:04 PM
> At IDAT 99 I will be challenging all conference participants  to full body wrestling matches in the greco-roman style.  There will be no technology involved in the wrestling matches per se, but the winner of each match will be allowed to speak about technology and related issues for an ununterupted 25 minutes.  The matches will be laban notated and eventually a cd rom will be created with quick time movies of each match and the subsequent text.
> Douglas Rosenberg