Re: multimedia, mutisoftware environement

Richard Povall (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:09:34 -0500

>If someone has experimented this kind of linkage or only two together,
>could you say me if it is necessary to use 3 computer, how can they speak:
>midi, applescript, something else? Can you share your experience, your
>problems and your questions about this kind of instalation.

I have used Director with other MIDI programs (including Max). In general,
it's a good idea to have a separate computer for Director, particularly if
you're using it's visual output as part of the piece. Director is VERY
picky and finicky, and isn't really designed to work well with MIDI. The
only way I know of using it is to purchase HyperMIDI (I don't have the URL
to hand, but you ought to be able to find it on a search), and install it
as part of Director. It is a set of XCMDS that can be invoked in Director,
or which can be permanently installed using ResEdit. This doesn't make
Director OMS compliant, or anything quite so sophisticated, and the
incoming MIDI data needs to be heavily filtered to get out the information
you want. However, it does work. Basically, any MIDI data coming into the
modem port will be read by HyperMIDI in Director.

You obviously need a MIDI connection between the computers you are running


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