Re: IDAT 99

Yacov Sharir (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:38:29 -0600 (CST)




Hi Richard,

Together with multimedia artist Nate Pagle and composer Tom Lopez, I
will be conducting a pre conference workshop on issues related to the
use of "Sensors in Interactive Performance". Additionally, During the
conference, I am scheduled to conduct a roundtable
discussion/presentation on the long over due subject, entitled,
"Content and the Seeming Loss of Spirituality in Technologically
Mediated Works". I have olso submitted (for review) a paper on this
issue, if all goes well, it will be published in the conference

during the roundtable presentation I will be showing a short work that
involved exclusively CyberDancers in an alternative performance venue.

Richard, I hope this is the info you are looking for, please let me
know if you need a more detailed description for any of this projects.

Best regards, Yacov...........


<excerpt>>I would appreciate any of the participants in the IDAT
conference writing a

>description of their project, lecture, or workshop.

Jools Gilson-Ellis and I will be showing work in progress on
<underline>The Secret Project</underline>, our current, well, work in
progress. We will also be giving a pre-conference workshop on the use
of a variety of body-based/motion-based technologies, and on strategies
for devising work that in some way involves the use of those

Richard Povall