Re: Invitation to private presentation

Niels Radtke (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 02:56:26 +0100


Just as a last comment from my part who kind of started this question.
I do not think that the question is necessary or not either. It is being,
feeling, trying.

As a matter of act I'm happy that this created a certain stop, a little halt
in this all. because
we are often too busy to See the forest because of the trees (funny these
old saying still work) and even if we all are and will stay humans and never
become a robot nor an AI dancer, it is good to keep this question coming up
once in a while, just as being a little point of relativity, bringing us
back to our childhood....

I would like to thank Michael Klien for his invitation to his private
presentation, and wish you and all good luck.
memory is important not speed.

Niels Radtke

ps. Jeff Miller thank you for your kind words.

>From: Richard Povall <>
>Subject: Re: Invitation to private presentation
>Date: Tue, Nov 10, 1998, 11:18 pm

>>It seems to me that while the technology may be useful or fun or whatever
>>it is rather unecessary. I really don't see the point. Dancing is about
>>using the body to express meaning. Computer technology is about putting
>>meaning into action by bypassing the body and simple processes of the
>This whole thread seems to be getting a little bogged down in a very
>simplistic argument. I think those of us who are working with these
>technologies are really trying to make them extensions of the body, or to
>make them live through the body - always tied to the body and its
>expression. To ask whether it's necessary or not is entirely to miss the
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