Re: Invitation to private presentation

cory (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:03:03 -0800 (PST)

It seems to me that while the technology may be useful or fun or whatever
it is rather unecessary. I really don't see the point. Dancing is about
using the body to express meaning. Computer technology is about putting
meaning into action by bypassing the body and simple processes of the
mind. I suppose if a great dancer/choreographer was highly trained and
really bored or somehow incapable of actually dancing and showing moves
then it may have some use.
i may be a dance purist, but I hate to see dance of all thing get
absorbed by corporate mindfuck money making strategies to integrate their
technology into every possible aspect of human culture so that every
person feels compelled to use it regardless of its benefit or cost
effectiveness. That stoopid artificial intelligence program takes a ton
of calculations to do what i could do in my head and in the studio and
actually feel some sort of accomplishment and commitment to the work.
Sitting in front of a computer will never increase anyone's
ability or skill as a dancer. When are people going to stop perpetuating
the corporate cog of mass culture and just stop participating. We suffer
either way.

Cory Bunyard
Every good dancer has a street name.
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