Re: Invitation to private presentation

Nick Rothwell (
10 Nov 1998 15:06:49 -0000

> well that's a real shame, I wonder who invented the word multimedia, and
> media integration...etc
> it is still not there...

We're back into the form-versus-content argument again. You seem to be
saying that the technology should be integrated and passive rather
than apparent and dominant - and I think I agree - but the only way to
get funding and journalistic mindshare is to over-emphasise the
technology rather than the artistic content. Obvious example: Wayne
MacGregor. I like his dance material, but he's getting profile for his
technological stance, which (last year at least) was much more
apparent than its relevance to the creative process or result.

I've been using unique composition and performance technology for
dance scores for several years, but it's only now that I'm getting
noticed. Why? Because I've started emphasising the unimportant details
- the fancy technology - rather than the creative process.

(Practitioners such as choreographers and other musicians understand
that process is paramount, but journalists, funders and administrators
do not.)

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