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Isabel Cavadas Valverde (
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 21:07:06 -0700

Hi Scott,
When you refered to the realization of lack of technical support provided to students/staff by the educational institutions in London, at least compared with the american public universities, no wonder that 'nobody' is developing/exploring work in this intersection of dance&technology. And this remminds me the situation here, where the technology is available and all the schools have internet access. But there continues to be a lack of dance/performance students /professionals applying or searching for new possibilities in this realm and/or within live performance, or even web work (besides pictures and text). It looks as if for dance it is too early for the challenge. Mostly conceived merely as a sensuous embodyment of music, when is this prespective that's perpetuated it becomes very futile, flat, robotized technique.

>I would argue that it is -- and especially
>for dance. We legitimize via recognition and niching
>or individualizing.
I definitely agree and feel glad to see dance as a independent subject in performance theory in Goldberg's book even if I wouldn't agree with anithing else.
A book I want to mention for its ancient coverage and contemporary performance criticism, especially on Feminism, - a lack in most european artschools - as well is: Carlson, Marvin "Performance: A Critical Introduction", NY:Routledge (1996).

Best wishes to all,

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