Re: Advice, please/reflection

Niels RADTKE (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 18:59:46 +0000

dear jeffrey

i was just in japan and in some university in gifu people we're
experimenting with reflictive material
now you did not talk about how projecting on dancers but i still want to tel

as high reflective material can reflect light even it is not visible.
in this case people were projected on with video but there was no video on
their face nor hands, the shirt made of reflective material reflected the
video on the body. this is a really good way to project on people.

niels radtke

>From: "Jeffrey E. Salzberg" <>
>Subject: Advice, please
>Date: Mar 20 oct 1998 10:49

>One of our seniors here at SUNY-Purchase is working on a project
>with a film artist and asked me for guidance. I, in turn, wanted to
>consult with you folks. . . .
>The idea is that the film will be projected on the dancers and the
>backdrop with, perhaps, additional stage lighting. I have advised her
>to have the film transferred to video for the following reasons:
>A. Video projectors are quieter.
>2. In our Dance Theater Lab, it's not practical to rig a mounting
>position on centerline which would be accessible for threading,
>rewinding, or even basic operation. Video, of course, just needs an
>audio and a video line (or even an RF line) run to a remote VCR.
>III. It's much more economical to make backup copies of video than
>it is of film. I teach them to ALWAYS have an emergency backup
>copy of everything.
>On the other hand, film has his advantages, too:
>a. We have access to film projectors.
>ii. Film tends to be brighter, with more saturated colors. (Of course,
>she could rent a high-end Barco or Ampro video projector and take
>care of the brightness problem, I guess).
>The throw from the projector to the front of the stage will be about
>40', with another 36' to the rear wall. Rear projection is not an option.
>Comments? Suggestions (either general or specific)?
>By the way, since it makes sense for her to be asking these
>questions herself, what's the subscription address/syntax for this
>list? I can't seem to find it.
>Jeffrey E. Salzberg, Technical Director
>The Dance Conservatory
>Purchase College