Re: Advice, please

Mark Coniglio (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 08:10:29 -0400

Dear Jeffery,

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Beyond the questions that you rightly pose in your post, I don't know if
there is any clear answer. Film and video are two very different beasts,
and each has the pros and cons that you list. The one thing I might
challange is the statement "video projectors are quieter" -- not in the
factual nature of this statement, but in the fact that it seems to be
listed as a con. The sound of a film projector has certain connations,
maybe ones that could be dramatically useful. In the end it comes down to
the desired look (film can certainly be brighter) and the available time
and budget.

The only thing that I might throw in to the mix is that, since it seems
your students' intention is to project on to the dancers, might there not
be a better place to do it from than the grid? It seems to me that the
projector itself might want to move so that various perspectives of
projection could be seen. Perhaps the projector is on a small cart and it
is moved by the dancers during the choreography. I always feel that these
poor inanimate objects should have the chance to "dance" too, that their
movement becomes part a consideration in the overall choreography.

Good Luck,

Mark Coniglio, Artistic Co-Director |
Troika Ranch Dance Theater |