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Michael Klien (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 19:46:33 +0100

performance notice - Barriedale Operahouse

''Amazing daze' will see Barriedale Operahouse and guests from London,
Yorkshire and beyond, transform the Rocket in Leeds into a multi-layered,
interactive environment that churns out over-stimulation of the primary
senses, fast visuals, blurred focus and confusion.
Digital multimedia takes the production into a virtual realm by floating
words, sound and images, through an around the scene.
The event will run from midday until midnight and will build and deconstruct
itself to constantly shift its focus and dynamics. It will slowly ascend
from a more relaxed 'drop-in, drop out' atmosphere during the day to a
'don't miss it' high energy performance phase from 7.45. This is a quickfire
production whose 8 idiosyncratic performers and vast array of media artists
and technicians battle for precious airtime...'

new media work (next to a lot of tradd. media work) includes:

K2's/Volkmar Klien's : Netreader - internet-art
Andi Freeman / Jason Skeets:Earshot-project/Funk,Soul and Grind - internet
Greyworld: interactive carpet / generative music
Volkmar@BOH: soundscapes programmed in MAX
Synergy: live video-mixing/3d projection
Kasia@BOH: computer-animation
David@BOH: 3d computer-animation
Loki Media: CD-ROM design

This event has been commissioned by Yorkshire Dance and superbly supported
by Yorkshire and Humberside Arts, TEST (at Kirklees Media Centre), the
Greenwich Dance Agency and Camper Shoes

The whole event is produced, curated and choreographed by Barriedale

- we think it will work - I'll let you know


PS: We are always looking into the possibilities of collaborating with
various artists - let us know if you are interested.

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