Stelarc's first live show in Belgium.

Niels RADTKE (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 18:45:43 +0000


We are proud to present to Brussels, to the CyberTheatre and to the
internet Stelarc's first performance in Belgium.
Stelarc will perform the parasite performance and will talk about his
new projects like Movitar, and the wellknown Third Ear.
Stelarc keeps on pushing the boundaries of cyborgism and human -machine
interfaces, which makes him a living legend today...

If you are around Brussels the 9th of october please come by the
Cybertheatre in Brussels and experience Stelarc's performance.

with respects ,

Niels Radtke

ps. hahahahahaaaaahhaa ( insiders joke)


STELARC is an Australian-based performance artist whose work explores
and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology

through human/machine interfaces incorporating the Internet and Web,
sound, music, video and computers.
Stelarc will show for the first time in Belgium.

Parasite Performance:
Parasite will scale up not only the body's musculature but also its
optical and acoustical input. Search engines have been constructed that
will, during the performance scan, select and display bits of images and

bits of sound -providing an extended and artificial sensory Internet
input for the body.
The body will be immersed in this experience with its head-display,
whilst the audience sees this on a large projection screen. The body has

a split physiology, and although extrenally driven it can respond by
actuating it's Third Hand. The plugged-in body becomes a parasite entity

being activated and inputted by internet search engines.


for more information contact:

Niels Radtke:
VR and Media Art Programme Manager
GTN-Global Theatre Network


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