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This email to inform about new project coming up. The continous search for artistic expression in media and arts. Why do we do it and how do we FEEL.
Together with this pressrelease about the Artduplex between Brussels and Montreal, I would like to launch a call for participation in a series a Performances and research we will organise about HOW DO WE FEEL. This in Media Art, Virtual Reality , Music and Writing.
to be continued.

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Niels Radtke


Artduplex between Cybertheatre Brussels and the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media.
Date:17 octobre
entire festival 15-25 octobre
Webcast between montreal and brussels: 17 octobre
two media art performances are broadcast to montral live: Huge harry and Animacao.

Festival of new cinema and new media .

Since it's very beginning in 1971, the festival has focused on independant cinema by revealing the bold vision of contemporary authors.
The essays, portraits, documentaries and eclectic mix of video works presented to the montreal public over the past 17 years in the video section have been incomparable.
new media:
Diving head first into the diversity and growth synonimous with new media, the festival promotes the progressive convergence of cinema,art and new technologies.


HUGE HARRY (Institute of Artificial Art) and ANIMAÇÀO (Virtual Puppets)

Videoconferencing performances
Live from the CyberTheatre, Brussels


Huge Harry : Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face
An Arthur Elsenaar/remco presentation, Institute of Artificial Art, Amsterdam

The Institute of Artificial Art is committed to the development of fully
automatic algorithmic art in all artistic genres. In music and visual art,
the success of the algorithmic approach is well established now; we have
developed several algorithms which create rewarding works of art without
requiring human interference. Applying the algorithmic approach to the
production of computer-controlled dance and theatre, we have carried out an
extensive research program dealing with the computational control of human
facial muscles through electrical nerve stimulation. This
lecture/performance will allow to present our latest research results on
this topic. I will give a systematic overview of the different kinds of
expressions that the human face is capable of, demonstrated on the face of
a live human person, and I will discuss our current understanding of the
meanings that humans attach to these expressions.

A happy performance with virtual puttetteering, live VJ and very kitchy DJ.

"Our interest is to animate our virtual puppets like real ones, to allow
them to find their own rhythms and personalities, and to create a new
sceneography around computer technologies, anew space. Mario Net mixes many
different personalities : actors, puppeteers, computer artists, and
computer engineers discover strange applications of their work."



Huge Harry Abstract biography: Huge Harry is a commercially available voice
synthesis machine. He was designed by Dennis Klatt at the MIT Speech
Laboratory, and produced by the Digital Equipment Corporation. Currently,
he works as a researcher and a spokes-machine at the Institute of
Artificial Art in Amsterdam. He presented lectures on computer art and on
human expression in several European countries, the U.S. and Australia. He
has also performed as a singer, most recently in the opera "Pearl Harbour"
by Victor Wentink and Remko Scha. Recently, Huge Harry has also started to
work as a political activist, trying to achieve equal rights for computers.

Animaçào is a french association with puppeteers and comedians who make
spectacles and workshop.
They have worked since 1995 with a Computer Research Institute (IRIT) on a
virtual puppets project using real time animation systems.
IRIT: Computer Research Institute in Toulouse with a synthesis images
department, working in VR domains.

NO FILE : video artist who mix his own video sources in real time.

DJ BRILLANT BRIAN : Easy Listening Electroidoform with a kitsch "tendance"


 What is the art-duplex.
The art-duplex concept is an art-duplex/broadcast concept adaptable by organising venues, in order to bring their content of the exposition/conference to the brussels CyberTheatre, the way around and on the internet on
The artduplexes co-organised by the cybertheatre have 2 specials roles:
1. connect artists worldwide and promote artistic evolution
2. Investigate link-up technologies between several spaces.
This to promote the collaboration between artists, institutes and medialabs worldwide and to stimulate the active exchange between the artistsā institutes and artists.


The CyberTheatre is the first pluritechnological permanent infotainment
center in the world covering Bussiness, Education and Culture under one
roof. The CyberTheatre gives a positive attitude towards new technologies
and unites the global movement of Cyberculture. From concept to research,
the Cybertheatre's activities range from webcasting to webhosting Virtual
Reality events, Customised Cyberevents, Company Showcases, live concerts
(Simple Minds first live concert on the internet), netecology and
webcreation. Every event held at the CyberTheatre is webcasted live on the
site : http;//


Please Contact:

Niels Radtke
Virtual Reality and Media Art program manager
GTN- Global Theatre Network

CyberTheatre is a Global Theatre Network product. It is supported by prestigious partners such as Apple, Digital Equipment, Cisco Systems
and alsoAlias Wavefront, Art System, Axis Communications, Barco, Belgacom, Hotel Métropole, HP, Informix, Kinnetix, Macromedia,
Metacreation, Picturetel, Quattro DMB&B, RealNetworks, RealMedia, RMB, Saint-Roch/Techniver, Silicon Graphics Inc., 3 Suisses,
Ubisoft, Unisource, Uunet, Vartec, Vosaic and Wacom .



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