eileen & monica (diva@xs4all.nl)
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 10:14:27 +0100

Hello DTZ List,

I have been doing an online course offerred through San Francisco State
University's Multimedia Studies Program called 'Visionary Artists'. It
generally chronicles the impact of various artists in history who have
influenced and shaped the development of multimedia today...Merce Cunningham
has been peripherally referred to with respect to the 'chapters' about John
Cage and Rauschenberg...so, unfortunately, dance is not necessarily very
well represented. Although, there is tons of reference to the marriage of
time and space and the attempt to create kinetic relationships in
performance and on computer screens with images (hand and computer
generated) as well as in music....anyways. i thought some of you on the
list might find it interesting.

Its at: http://www.cel.sfsu.edu/msp/online_course_overview/intropage.html
The course is free. You sign up at the url for MSP above and then recieve
access to the course information.