New web sites & questionnaire

Lesley Wheeler (
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 08:46:57 +0000

Hi all!
Just a quick one to let you all know that I have recently uploaded the 2 web
sites I'm associated with.

The first one is for the MA (Creative Arts) course for 1998 at the WA
Academy of Performing Arts.

On this site I have a questionnaire that I'd like to get as many responses
to as possible. Please spend a little time and help me out here.

The site address is

The questionnaire is in

The second site is my own personal one and includes a brief look at the work
of Chrissie Parrott (with whom I am research partner).

This site is

By the way - I thought the promotional thread (do you emphasise the
technology to get the dosh?) a particularly relevant one as (it would seem
that) the object of most of the exercise is to get enough money to push the
boundaries just that bit further each time.
The funding bodies here in Australia are rather myopic (unless you are one
of the 2 recognised companies) in this regard, and therefore we don't get to
experience 1% of the type of stuff the rest of you are privileged to see.

Ciao for now

Lesley Wheeler

The Cynerjii Group
4 Spinoza St
Mt Lawley. Western Australia. 6050